LabC – Lab Information System

LabC is a complete Diagnostic Information Management System (LIMS) that supports different workflow processes, promotes multi-center collaboration, ensure regulatory compliance and lets you provide quick and accurate delivery of reports to patients.

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Minimum Feature Set in LabcLIMS

  • Work Flow Management
  • Separate Report Entry and Delivery Processes
  • Regulated Sample Accession Process
  • Linked Accounting
  • Staff Management with Payrolls
  • Collection Center Management
  • Inventory Management
  • 250+ Templates
  • Unique Template Editor
  • In accordance with NABL and GCLP requirements

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What kind of Lab Are You?

  1. Stand Alone Lab: Click Here
  2. Lab with Collection Centers: Click Here
  3. Multi-location Lab: Click Here
  4. Interested Re-sellers: Click Here
  5. Genetic Labs: Click Here

Feature List:

  1. Schedule Appointments
  2. Work Order Entry
  3. Referral Management
  4. Manage Accounts

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