About LabC LIMS

LabC is a Lab Information Management System which helps a Lab Manage is entire Work Order Process, along with providing seamless support and data storage for Administrative functions like Accounts, Inventory, Referrals, Collection Center Management etc.

LabC LIMS works on an internal LAN network and also comes in an Online SAAS version.

LabC LIMS makes the Laboratory more organized and gives it a well structured work flow. LabC also ensures that no wrong doing can take place with strict checks on data entry, test report certification, payments and inventory stock. It also helps the Lab be more patient and doctor friendly, with SMS and Email functions that ensure good customer service and timely reminders.

Core Modules:

Patient Laboratory Record Management
Test Report Generation
Staff and User Management
Schedule Creation
Data Back Up
Quick Search
Template Based Lab Reports
Sample Management
Referrals Management
Collection Center Management
• Test Profiles Creation and Management

Add-on Modules:

• SMS Reminders and Alerts Services
• Integrated Email
• Telemedicine Option
• Interfacing with Bar Code Scanners
• Online Back-Up
• Online EMR Access
• Claims Processing
• 24/7 Online Support
• Statistics and Analytics

Labc comes with templates designed for multiple groups and profiles. We support:

  • Pathology Tests
  • Bio Chemistry Tests
  • Infection Diseases Tests
  • Pharmacology Tests
  • Hematology Tests
  • Metabolic Tests
  • Allergy Tests
  • Drug Level Tests
  • Serology Tests
  • Bio Markers
  • Hygiene Tests
  • Infertility Tests
  • Thyroid Tests
  • Standard Profiles
  • Custom Profiles

Get customized templates to suit your needs. With specially designed work flows on each template so you fill the right information at the right time, LabC templates also come with references ranges, units, out of range alerts, auto-fill options etc built into the templates.