LabC LIMS Benefits

LabC, LIMS, LIS, Lab Information System, Pathology Lab Software
LabC saves time and increases efficiency: Auto-bill creation during scheduling, one click sample collection, structured reporting to select the required template quickly, export to excel enabled pre-created registers are just some of the instances where and how it happens
LabC saves paper and make your lab look neat: Go paperless by printing only what you give to your patients or when the government needs you to, avoid clutter and also save paper!
LabC increases accuracy: Prevent mistakes in billing, add all samples and barcodes properly, use reference range based templates, just some ways in which LabC can help you be better in your function.
LabC allows you to manage resources: With multi-system functionality more than one person can work on the software at the same time allowing work to get done faster.
LabC improves Patient Interaction: LabC come in built with an Email and SMS communication module which allows you to send reminders, alerts and report information directly to the patient, doctor or referring doctor, improving customer service.
LabC helps you stay updated: Whether it is an upto date collection center credit report or being on top of the schedule where all the reports to be made for the patients are ready in time.
LabC keeps a check on Accounts: Export to excel payments and bills, manage discounts and referral fees, and know which patients have pending payments, all on within seconds.
LabC helps improve diagnosis: Pick the correct template from a huge variety, also access old patient history to help improve decision making. Access records at your fingertips!
LabC simplifies processes: Support staff is more upbeat and happier working on a simple solution which lets them stay on top of their job, and also make it fun!
LabC helps prevent loss: Accurate billing, inventory management and various reports lets the you know the profit and loss and the direction the lab is heading in.