LabC – Connecting your Lab for a better tomorrow

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LabC provides a communication bridge for your Lab. It helps your Pathology Lab with internal as well as external communication.

Internal Communication with LabC LIMS:

LabC interconnects each department in your Lab in a precise manner such that it allows you to follow a flexible yet guidelines defined process in delivering quality controlled, accurate and timely reports to patients for the tests conducted at your Lab. LabC can interconnect your collection centers, reception desk, sample collection desk, ascension desk, report manager, accountant, inventory desk, reports dispatch and management with each other seamlessly.

LabC LIMS also automatically sends reminders and flashes requirements on screen once a task is completed and is due for the next stage. For. e.g. if the Test Report entry is done, a blue tick mark alerts the report dispatch team to take the printout and complete the next step

To improve communication further an internal alert mechanism is present.


External Communication with LabC LIMS:

LabC LIMS allow you to communicate externally with Patient, Referring Doctor, Referring Lab, Outsourced Lab, Collection Center, Insurance/Corporate company and your Accountant.

It does so by enabling 4 vital features namely integrated SMS, integrated email, availability to access data by Patients Online and by allowing data to be exported in MS Excel formats for easy transfer.

Create pre-formatted SMS and Email templates for quick re-use.


Hence LabC LIMS allows you to communicate internally and externally providing an advantage to your Lab in delivering better quality, timely results and a more complete service.