Labc Features

Schedule Appointments 

Work Order Entry

  • Enter Single or Multiple Tests/Profiles per Patient
  • Automatic Billing and Sample Collection
  • Work Order color Coded Status
  • Maintain Single Patient Record through advanced Patient Search


Ascension and Sample Collection

  • Acceptance and Rejection
  • Rejection Alerts
  • Automatic Sample Citation for Selected tests
  • Sample Bar Code Management


Manage Accounts

  • Bills
  • Payments
  • Ledgers and Unpaid Bill Reports
  • Credit and Debit Notes


›Manage Inventory

  • ›Storage and Dispensation
  • ›Expiry
  • ›Per test automatic debit process


›Management of Lab and Software

  • ›Data storage and Back-up
  • ›Multi-User Management
  • ›Multi-Doctor Management



›Advanced Template Editor


›Communication via SMS and Email

  • ›SMS Alerts/Report Summaries/Appointment Reminders / Birthday Greetings
  • ›Email Test Reports/ Schedules / Birthday Greetings



›Collection Centers

  • ›Add/Update collection center details
  • ›Collection Center Accounts Management
  • ›Collection Center Locking and Unlocking
  • ›Collection Center Unique Number Report printing
  • ›Collection Center Report Printing


›User Management & Access Control

  • ›Create Users of various types and also add Doctors
  • ›Manage Access at page level for all users


  • ›Via SMS / Email / Display


Referral Management

  • ›Add referral details and fees
  • ›Referral Fee Credit Status



  • ›Monthly criteria wise reports
  • ›Gender and Age Wise Reports via Tests
  • ›Diabetes Patient Graphical Representations
  • ›Graphical Outputs


Insurance and Hospital Reports

  • ›Track Patients & Payments from Bulk providers like Insurance Cos, Corporates etc



›Patient Records› Management and Search


›Report Generation

  • ›Template based Reporting
  • ›Ability to have in built formulae
  • ›Reference Range Based Display alerts
  • ›Report Status Display – Color Coded



  • ›Print with In Software Letterhead/No Letter head
  • ›Multi Report print on a single page
  • ›Allocation of Letterhead numbers to Collection Center


›Outsource Test Management

  • ›Outsource Tests to multiple labs
  • ›Track Report status and payments



  • ›Add Doctors Digital Signature
  • ›2 level report Authentication
  • ›Available as a SAAS and Local Server solution
  • ›Lab Information update
  • ›Video Help Files


Add-on Modules:

  • Interfacing with Bar Code Scanners
  • Online Back-Up
  • Online EMR Access
  • Claims Processing
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Statistics and Analytics