LabC helps your follow Good Lab Practices and NABL guidelines

Here is a straightforward comparison of how LabC today meets most points brought up in the GCLP brought out by ICMR in 2008, USA EMR Meaningful Use and the NABL guidelines

Sr. No Mentioned In Feature Name/Description Module Description in LabC
1 Meaningful Use Use Computer Provider Order Entry Work Order Entry Add Patient Demographic Information, Store Patient Record Electronically, Lab Record Access
2 MCI Code of Ethics Maintenance of Punctuality in dealing with Patient Reports and Records Schedule Manager/Alerts Capture timings of every entry. Alerts for staff members to complete information
3 GCLP and NABL Guidelines Unique ID per Patient Work Order Entry Each patient is given a unique ID automatically by LabC LIMS
4 GCLP Guidelines Unique Sample/Bar Code per sample Collected Sample Collection Each Sample collected from the patient is given a unique code/barcode id. Auto checking for duplication is done by LabC LIMS
5 Meaningful Use Record and chart changes in vital
Patient Record Manager Automatic plotting of graphs for chronic patients of diabetes over key parameters like Blood Glucose and HBA1C
6 Meaningful Use Incorporate clinical lab-test results into EHR as structured data Schedule Manager Add Lab Data into structured formats of choice
Out of Range alerts
Scan and attach external reports
Interface with online Lab Transfer system possible
Graphs and Statistics on various parameters possible on each patient or whole data set
7 NABL Guidelines Maintain single Patient Record for the same patient and see complete history Patient Manager Using the Single ID feature and a unique search option a single Patient Record can be maintained and also viewed in LabC LIMS
8 GCLP Guidelines
Age, Location, Date of Collection and complete list of investigations is captured for every patient
Work Order Entry Demographic Information and Work Orders by Patient can be captured and viewed automatically in LabC LIMS
9 Meaningful Use Send reminders to patients for
preventive/follow-up care
Alerts SMS and Email Alerts are integrated for Follow Up visits, Reminders, Report Collection Reminders.
10 Meaningful Use Implement +ve clinical decision
support rules relevant to
specialty or high clinical priority
Template Editor Reference Range Based Validations and Formulas to auto calculate values defined by the user can be added into any template in LabC LIMS
11 NABL Guidelines Rejected Samples stored and tests are not allowed to be completed unless new sample is taken Ascension Rejected Samples list and alerts sent by LabC LIMS, test now allowed to be completed and printed unless new sample is taken
12 GCLP Guidelines Accession list is a record of all the specimens received by the laboratory foranalysis and is prepared by the laboratory at the time of specimen receipt Ascension Have a complete list of all samples/specimens coming into the Lab with their up to date status. Sort using multiple parameters.
13 Meaningful Use Users can create an electronic copy of a patient’s clinical information and provide to a patient on electronic media, or through some other electronic means Email Plugin, Online EMR Access Print on Letter Head or with Letter Head Visit Report, Patient History Summary, Prescription, Referral Letter etc
Printout of entire records of fixed bits is possible
Allow to email anything which can be printed.
14 Meaningful Use Provide patients with online access to their clinical information Online EMR Access Allow Patients to access their information on a patient portal online
Integrate portal into your website
Create a whole new patient portal website for your practice
Online-Offline mode to continuously detect internet and update data
15 Meaningful Use Provides clinical summaries to patients (in paper or electronic form) for each once visit; If the clinical summary is provided electronically (i.e., not printed), it must be provided in: 1) human readable format; and 2) and on electronic media, or through some other electronic means (patient portal). Patient Record Management All Patient Information can be selected and given to patient via:
Patient Portal
Easy to use UI allows this in one click
16 Meaningful Use Electronically receive a patient summary record, from other providers and organizations; Electronically transmit a patient summary record, to other providers and organizations LabC Connect Information can be provided in easy to use XML formats to all 3rd party resources to transfer and use. Already implemented with few local Indian Providers
17 GCLP Guidelines 2 level checking of Results before final signature by Pathologist Report Manager 2 Level checking for each report with doctor signature
18 NABL Guidelines
Test Reports printed with Referring Doctor, Age, Gender and other details as per the NABL Guidelines
Report Manager Printouts of every report come mandatory printed with Referring Doctor, Age,Gender  and patient details
19 MCI Guidelines 1.3.4 Efforts shall be made to computerize medical records for quick retrieval LabC Overall Easy Storage and retrieval of records with no time limit on storage. Easy Access to records with multi parameter search options
20 GCLP Guidelines
As per GCLP the Data management is mandatory as no record signifies no work is done
Work Order Process With LabC LIMS you have the entire process documented and data available at the click of a button
21 Meaningful Use Electronically record, retrieve, and transmit reportable clinical lab results to public health agencies LabC Connect Information can be provided in easy to use XML formats to all 3rd party resources to transfer and use. Already implemented with few local Indian Providers
22 Meaningful Use Electronically record, modify, and retrieve patient demographic data Schedule Manager Record Patient Demographics
Add Patient Photograph
Maintain unique Patient Id per patient
Add and Use more than one number Mobile No, Address and Email
23 GCLP Guidelines
Reagents and Acids to be stored with their name, batch no and expiry dates as per the GCLP guidelines
Inventory Manager Each in coming inventory stored with Name, Batch No and Expiry Date
24 GCLP Guidelines Prepare work order sheet for specimen before sending to the Lab for Analysis Work Order Entry Work Order Entry auto creates the Lab Work Order Sheet for each Patient and Test assigned. Print for direct use