Add Staff Information and capture demographic, contact and education information
Manage Staff and Users access control
Give security at the page level


Single Location to manage who access what in the software
Well defined roles and easy to use


Protect electronic health information through the implementation of appropriate technical capabilities: Meaningful use Criteria
Password Protection and user right to prevent un-authorized users to mishandle the software

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LIMS, Access Control, Pathology Lab Staff Management, LIS, Pathology Software, Pathology Users


1.       How many users can LabC have?

a.       LabC can have as many users as you want depending upon the hardware configuration of the server PC.

2.    Does LabC have the facility to assign roles to each user?

3.    Can I restrict certain modules of LabC to users?

4.    Who can add/edit templates inside LabC?

5.    How many concurrent users can use LabC?

6.    Up to what level can LabC provide restriction on software usage?

7.    Can I pay staff salaries through LabC?

8.    How to handle staff leaves and overtime with LabC?

9.    How to define roles for each user in LabC?

10.   How do I ensure security of LabC with so many users?