LabC Value Added Services

As a LabC User you can now avail of multiple Value Added Services which can make your life simpler.

Communicate with patients, improve your laboratory efficiency, maximize the benefit of getting an EMR software.
Below is a list of Value Added Services Provided by LabC.



Sr. No. Value Added Service Mandatory Requirement* Cost Description
* In case the requirement is not fulfilled or not working (in case of the Internet) the service will not update as expected
1 SMS Plugin a. Internet Connection
b. Lab Sender ID
a. Plugin: Rs 2500 on time
b. Sender ID: Rs 1000 one time for each
c.SMS Pack: Re 1 per SMS (min pack of 2000 SMS, validity 1 year), 10% discount if more than 10000 SMS bought in one purchase
Now send SMSs to mobile phone of patients, referring doctors, staff and yourself with a single click right here from the software. Send SMS reminders for appointments, to intimate patients to collect reports or to pay their pending amounts. Easy to use interface for quick SMS sending.
2 Integrated Email Plugin a. Internet Connection
b. Lab Gmail Id
a. Plugin: Rs 2500 per year Email your patients their bills and reports. Avoid long lines at your labof patient waiting for their reports. Improve your productivity and patient outreach by giving this unique service. Patients who travel a lot will now be thrilled to get their reports on email
3 Patient Portal(Online EMR Access) a. Hosting
b. Internet Connection
a. Only Patient Portal: Rs 6000 per month
b. Patient Portal + Basic Website: Rs 7500 per month
Provide your patients with access to their reports instantly. All the big hospitals abroad do it, so why can’t you. At a fraction of an investment now provide to your patients’ records online. Increase clinic branding and also improve customer service using this unique feature
4 Online Back Up a. Hosting
b. Internet Connection
a. Only online back up: Rs 4000 per month
b. If Patient Portal purchased: Free
Worried about your data getting lost to viruses, untrustworthy computers? Now back up your data online on our secure servers for easy retrieval in case of a computer crash. Live a tension free life! No hidden costs, no extra work, seamlessly upload information when the internet is on to keep a back up of all your data upto date
5 Claims Processing NA a. Rs. 10000 one time Select the TPA and Insurance service provider using the software, have multiple rate lists for each provider. Scan and attach the form to the visit and Email the bill and form to the provider directly from the software. Track payment status with a simple report
6 Online Extended Training a. Internet a. Rs 2000 per hour / upto 5 hours Now extend your training program on LabC with our own Customer support executive who will train your for additional time till you get comfortable
7 Lab Productivity Consultation NA Pricing on Request After using the software for 3 months, now was to improve your lab’s performance even further. We provide special consultation and advice on how to do just that based on the data you have collect. Using various stats inside the software we will suggest ways and means to improve quality of care, service, and safety and reduce time/manpower
8 Online Appointments a. Internet a. Rs 5000 per year Now get new patients online and streamline your availibility without having to increase your resources. Patients can come to your website or our Appointment service portal and request for an appointment on your free time slots. You get an SMS alert and LabC registers the appointment.
9 Machine Integration a. Machine Manual and connecting chords a. On Request (Rs 10000-25000 per machine approx) Now integrate your machine using our 3rd party integrator to directly send results and data to the LabC LIMS software without manual typing or intervention. Pricing varies per machine and is subject to change without notice.